Tech’ Testing FAQs

What does Loptr’s technical review cover?

The technical review (or “tech’ review”) in our Virtual Security Team service focuses on key security controls. Loptr’s tech’ review covers firewall configuration, firewall logs, anti-virus configuration and logs, operating system and third party patching, and both internal and external network vulnerability scans. For the 12-month VST, we include 4 tech’ reviews; for the 3-month VST, we include 1.

How is Loptr’s technical review report different?

Because our tech’ review is more than just an automated network scan, it finds problems that scans can’t. We look for gaps in what the varied inputs (firewall logs, anti-malware, patching, and scans) cover. For instance, we check for systems that show up in network scans but aren’t covered by anti-virus or patching. We raise a red flag if a computer has files in quarantine and is connecting to Russia. And we’ll warn you if you’ve done a good job of patching your operating systems but haven’t addressed the third party applications that are most commonly abused in phishing and web drive-by attacks.

Just as important as what is in our tech’ review report is what isn’t. Too many vulnerability scan reports are 200-page PDFs of detail after detail, straight from some automated scanning tool.* Our tech’ review report may be the shortest report you will ever see. It includes a 1-page dashboard, a consolidated action item list, and a collection of filterable tables that share additional insights and details. We combine hundreds or thousands of observations into a handful (usually 15-30) steps you need to take to improve your security.

* Too many pen-test reports are really just vulnerability scan reports.

Does VST include a penetration test?

Penetration testing (or “pen-testing”) is included in our 12-month VST and is an option in a 3-month VST. In a 12-month VST, we typically schedule pen-testing at about “month 7”. If you add pen-testing to a 3-month VST, we usually place pen-testing at the end of the engagement.