Secure the Exits. You can't rely on a wall
to keep the bad guys out.

Are you doing enough? Our assessment services help you test your security and compliance.

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Not all cats on the Internet
are friendly. Don't leave yourself exposed.

Loptr's security hackathon is a better way to do penetration testing.

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Put us in, coach. Virtual Security Team is
the best way to build a security program.

Prevent, detect, and react. Our Virtual Security Team builds security processes that work.

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It's your move. How can you improve our chances
against today's cyber attackers?

Loptr's eski is the easiest way to build security awareness for your workforce.

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Virtual Security Team

Security experts working with you to improve security and meet compliance goals. That’s Loptr’s Virtual Security Team. We level the playing field for smaller…

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Security Hackathon

Loptr’s “Security Hackathon” service co-opts an idea that took hold in the late 2000s — software hackathons — to revolutionize security penetration testing. The…

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We include the key assessment activities you need in our flagship Virtual Security Team service. However, if you only need one-time or on-going information…

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Security reminders should be simple.That’s why we created eski. It’s a tiny device packed with digital security awareness posters. Connect a monitor, plug it…

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