Secure the Exits. You can't rely on a wall
to keep the bad guys out.

Are you doing enough? Our assessment services help you test your security and compliance.

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Not all cats on the Internet
are friendly. Don't leave yourself exposed.

Loptr's security hackathon is a better way to do penetration testing.

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Put us in, coach. Virtual Security Team is
the best way to build a security program.

Prevent, detect, and react. Our Virtual Security Team builds security processes that work.

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It's your move. How can you improve our chances
against today's cyber attackers?

Loptr's risk management services are the easiest way to understand cybersecurity risks.

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Program Implementation

Loptr provides the knowledge and expertise to help organizations establish good cybersecurity programs, quickly and efficiently. Our program implementation services include team resources, rapid…

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Risk Management

Loptr’s risk management services allow organizations to identify and address cybersecurity threats. Our facilitated risk analysis covers administrative, technical, and physical controls and our…

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Cybersecurity Training

Loptr’s training capabilities help organizations build a “human firewall” – supplementing our Virtual Security Team services with specialized training and awareness. We’ll create custom…

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Cybersecurity Testing

Loptr’s cybersecurity testing covers basic and advanced requirements from network vulnerability scans to manual pen-testing to configuration audits. Loptr’s specialized firewall, password, and SaaS…

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