Cybersecurity Training

Loptr’s training capabilities help organizations build a “human firewall” – supplementing our Virtual Security Team services with specialized training and awareness. We’ll create custom tabletop exercises and training, build real-world spear-phishing tests, and tackle specialized training needs through our proven hackathon-style training/hacking sessions.

Tabletop Exercise (TTX)Planning and facilitating TTX (simulated scenario modeled on real-world events and attack techniques) to test incident response capabilities, identify process and system gaps, and improve cybersecurity and/or business continuity readiness
HackathonCollaborative training and testing workshop (half-day session) providing hands-on education (e.g., hack the perimeter, open source intelligence, target wireless networks) to augment other security testing activities or address areas of concern and emerging threats
Custom Training CourseIdentifying topic(s), defining learning objectives, and creating recorded training content (e.g., audio and visual content, script, quiz) for learning management system (LMS), intranet, team meeting, or VSC
Spear-phishingCustom phishing test planning and execution to help key personnel (e.g., management, IT, HR, and accounting staff) identify and avoid sophisticated spear-phishing, whaling, and BEC attacks