Virtual Security Team

Security experts working with you to improve security and meet compliance goals. That’s Loptr’s Virtual Security Team. We level the playing field for smaller organizations facing tough regulatory requirements. Virtual Security Team gives you the resources you need to get security done.

What’s so great about Virtual Security Team?

Virtual Security Team builds a functional information security program.

A key benefit of Virtual Security Team is the foundation we provide: security policies, procedures, training and awareness, a risk analysis, and a security dashboard. Another benefit is the level of engagement that Virtual Security Team offers, from ad hoc guidance to regular work sessions to executive briefings. A third benefit is the technical review we give to help make sure your cyber defenses are in place.

Virtual Security Team Options

You’ll discover that Virtual Security Team is a blend of product and service. We use our tools and templates to build your information security program’s foundation, then we work with you to get everything up and running. Along the way, you learn how an information security program works, and how to keep it going.