Program Implementation

Loptr provides the knowledge and expertise to help organizations establish good cybersecurity programs, quickly and efficiently. Our program implementation services include team resources, rapid roll-out of the VSC platform, phishing testing, 7×24 monitoring, and project assistance to build effective incident response and business continuity plans.

Virtual Security TeamFractional Virtual Security Team (VST) filling or augmenting one or more critical cybersecurity roles, as needed, such as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), compliance advisor, log analyst, security engineer, security architect, forensic analyst, internal auditor, and/or security administrator
Virtual Security Center, Quick-startDeploy online security program using Virtual Security Center (VSC), customize organizational and email settings, import user and risk analysis objects, tailor program documentation and training, and provide knowledge transfer
Phishing Readiness, Quick-startConfigure and implement phishing tests, coordinate email settings, import addresses and customize groups, perform and analyze baseline tests, and deploy ongoing phishing campaigns
Virtual Security Operations Center, Quick-startSet up virtual Security Operations Center (SOC) platform, configure cloud integrations, coordinate log shipper agent installations, and customize alerts, dashboards, and escalations
Incident Response/Forensics Jump TeamPer-event retainer providing cybersecurity professionals to support incident triage, investigation, forensic analysis, containment, and recovery efforts.
Business Continuity Planning Quick-startFacilitate Business Impact Analysis (BIA), customize Business Continuity Plan (BCP), and establish corresponding business continuity policies and procedures using VSC platform
Incident Response Planning Quick-startProvide knowledge transfer and customize Incident Response Plan (IRP) including IRP document and references (e.g., standards), procedures, and playbooks using VSC platform
Cybersecurity RetainerUnstructured annual retainer providing cybersecurity expertise to assist with projects, tasks, and periodic guidance beyond the scope of Loptr’s designed services