Security Hackathon

Loptr’s “Security Hackathon” service co-opts an idea that took hold in the late 2000s — software hackathons — to revolutionize security penetration testing. The Security Hackathon is an innovative team approach to testing. Security Hackathon doesn’t stop at just finding problems, it also offers solutions and hands-on training.

Security Hackathon pairs Loptr’s experts working side-by-side with your staff to perform security tests. We test your systems, networks, or applications from a hacker’s perspective – to learn what vulnerabilities could expose data – but we include your team in the testing. You can address the specialized security training requirements of regulations like HIPAA and PCI DSS while covering your pen-testing objectives at the same time.

Here are five reasons Loptr’s Hackathon service is the best way to pen-test:

  1. We train your internal team – your team learns how hacking works
  2. Your team tests right alongside us, so you develop skills you can re-use
  3. You get specific, real-world test options so pen-testing fits your business
  4. We help you to fix problems, not just find them
  5. Security testing becomes a part of what your team does

Security Hackathon is a smart addition to maturing security programs. Loptr’s customized approach to each session gives you in-depth testing when senior management or your board of directors want a higher degree of confidence in your defenses.